Over 120 countries have committed to net zero carbon targets by 2050, yet the consensus is that decisive action is required today, in 2020, if we are going to be successful in mitigating the impacts of global warming.

Making our infrastructure more energy efficient and coming up with more efficient ways to structure and organise our society is perhaps the most important way we can reduce the UK’s carbon dependency.

It is why the IEA regards energy efficiency as the "first fuel" of all energy transitions, and claims that, by 2035, investments in energy efficiency needs to represent nearly half of all the global energy investments required in order to stay under a two-degree limit.

Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc seeks to address the demand for delivering energy efficient projects in the UK. The company will invest in UK institutional-grade energy efficient infrastructure assets which will result in better productivity, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and will target an attractive, long-term income source for investors with a positive impact.