"It’s been just four months since the Climate Change Committee (CCC) published its 6th Carbon Budget: The UK’s Path to Net Zero which recommended a Balanced Net Zero Pathway to a 78% reduction in emissions by 2035. That the Government has already committed to accepting the advice and setting the target in law is as impressively fast as it is bold and ambitious.

Critics whose response has been to argue that the UK is falling behind the existing targets are surely missing the point. In bringing forward the carbon target by 15 years and setting itself the world’s most ambitious climate change commitment, our Government is taking procrastination off the table in a stroke.

Today, on International Mother Earth Day, the Treasury has published its ‘Net Zero and the Future of Green Finance’ report calling for the Chancellor to publish its Net Zero Strategy which should set out the principles upon which the UK will fund the transition to net-zero emissions.

In a few short weeks then we can expect further insight into what needs to be done now, and how it is to be afforded.

HNIP has already awarded £165m to 24 low carbon heat projects which will deliver reliable and affordable heat to thousands of homes, benefiting consumers and the environment."

Triple Point’s Ken Hunnisett comments on a recent article from The Times, read the full article here