"It is absolutely essential that we support the transition to net zero by investing holistically across the energy sector. By targeting a high level of diversification, you ensure you are not dependent upon a single area of the market or specific technology, thereby mitigating against volatile peaks and troughs whilst targeting sustainable returns. 
Investing in projects with RPI inflation-linked cash flows, such as our hydro-electric assets, and long-term contracts with less exposure to market volatility, can provide investors with diversification beyond the traditional bond and equities markets. 
Approximately 50% of TENT’s income over the next 10 years is contractually linked to RPI via government backed Feed in Tariff agreements. Higher energy prices, resulting from gas price inflation, also drive income for TENT's investees. 
So, it is an opportune time to invest in a diversified portfolio that benefits from an inflationary environment and that seeks to respond to the challenge of net zero whilst improving energy security and lowering energy costs for businesses.” 
Jonathan Hick is investment director and fund manager of Triple Point Energy Transition plc (TENT). In this FT Adviser article, Jonathan explores the opportunities of investing holistically across the energy sector whilst targeting a diversified and sustainable income for investors.

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