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Did you know that 3.6TWh of wind power had to be curtailed in 2020, enough to power a million homes for a year?  
The intermittency of wind and solar represents a huge challenge. The fluctuation between oversupply when the sun shines or the wind blows, and shortage when the sun sets or the wind drops, means there can be imbalances between supply and demand. Energy is not always generated at the same time it is needed and so it needs to be stored. However, without adequate storage, renewable energy systems often need to be curtailed. This is a missed opportunity.
Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) represent one solution. Storing surplus energy helps to smooth the imbalance of generation and consumption. BESS, can help unlock the true potential of renewable energy and will play a fundamental role in the move to a clean energy future.   
Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc (TEEC) channels funds into the entire UK energy system, covering generation, distribution, and consumption. The demand for BESS investment is growing. TEEC is at the forefront of the drive to create value by securing a clean energy future.