We are delighted that Edison has published their report on Triple Point Energy Transition (TENT).

The analysts view: 

  • TENT may appeal to investors due to its dividend yield and attractive entry point owing to current discount to NAV, as well as the undelying inflation linkage of many of its investments.

  • 90% of TENT's income is contracted under long-term agreements and pricing is therefore relatively secure and inflation resistant (c45% of the fund is contractually linked to the Retail Price Index, RPI).

  • TENT's debt portfolio is invested with partners whose revenues are naturally correlated with energy prices (and in turn inflation).

Triple Point Energy Transition plc (''TENT'') is an investment trust which aims to have a positive environmental impact by investing in assets which support the transition to a low carbon, more energy efficient system and help the UK achieve Net Zero. 

Potential investors should refer to the information within the Prospectus which is available via the Documents section of the website and must only subscribe for or purchase shares in Triple Point Energy Transition Plc on the basis of information contained within it. As with all investments investors capital is at risk.