"It was good to see the Prime Minister announcing plans this week to help the country "build back greener" and for the UK to become "the world leader in clean wind energy.”

We should remember, however, that together with increasing energy production from renewable sources, it is also absolutely vital that we reduce the energy we consume by making our infrastructure more energy efficient and come up with more efficient ways to structure and organise our society. This will further help us to reduce the UK’s carbon dependency.

Energy efficiency is abundant and is the cheapest and greenest energy resource that we have. After many years of relative inaction, energy efficiency is now being recognised by governments and investors around the world. Users of energy, whether they be industrial, commercial or domestic, do not want or need electricity or fuel per se, they want or need the services that energy delivers. Shifting the focus onto the services required helps to reduce the total cost and total energy input to provide them, thereby reducing the absolute power input requirement from producers of energy."

Triple Point’s Jonathan Parr commented. Read the original article from the BBC here