Battery storage is fundamental to a greener future - but we don’t have nearly enough. Here lies an opportunity…

The UK has committed to net zero emissions by 2050. That’s an ambitious target that will require a “historic surge” in clean energy investment. But that investment needs to go beyond wind turbines and solar panels.

A fundamental issue with renewables is unpredictability. Sometimes the sun doesn’t shine, and the wind doesn’t blow. That’s not such a problem when energy from fossil fuels can take up the slack, but in a net zero future that isn’t an option.

One answer is to make hay while the sun shines (and the wind blows) and save it for later. But so far, investment in battery storage that can ensure round-the-clock energy supply has lagged badly behind.

That’s a huge challenge - and a huge opportunity. For a measure of the scale of the issue, consider that 3.6TWh of wind power was curtailed in 2020, enough to power a million homes for a year.

Reliable energy supply can’t be left to chance. As energy sources become more volatile, Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) are crucial to a clean energy future.

A huge opportunity

So, what’s the opportunity here? Put it this way, statistics show that UK wind power curtailment could be slashed in half with 20GWh of battery storage. It was estimated that by the end of 2021 total installed capacity was circa 1.6GW.

Experts say that’s likely to double by 2027 and double again by 2035, with investment driven by a more volatile grid coupled with falling battery costs.

What TEEC can offer

Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc (TEEC) channels funds into the entire UK energy system, covering generation, distribution, and consumption.

BESS fits well into TEEC’s investment strategy. BESS is fundamental for a net zero carbon future and the market opportunity to invest for profit and purpose is significant.

BESS offers an attractive investment, with a variety of revenue streams and a strong outlook. Typically, battery projects can provide returns of between 7% and 10%, though recent performance suggests a stronger equity case.

The demand for BESS investment is growing. TEEC is at the forefront of the drive to create value by securing a clean energy future.

Triple Point Energy Efficiency Infrastructure Company plc (TEEC)

TEEC is an investment trust which invests exclusively in a diversified portfolio of Energy Efficiency assets in the UK, which have a positive environmental impact. The Company's investments will focus on the core sectors of industrial energy efficiency, distributed generation, and battery storage solutions.

TEEC invests in UK institutional-grade energy efficiency infrastructure assets which will result in better productivity, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and will target an attractive, long-term income source for investors with a positive impact. Find out more about TEEC here -

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