As of this month, Triple Point is carbon neutral – we have funded an equivalent amount of carbon savings to the carbon emissions we have contributed as a business since we began over 15 years ago.   

In order to offset our emissions, we partnered with Permian Global to support the Katingan Mentaya Project, a forest carbon project on the island of Borneo in Indonesia. Forests, particularly tropical forests and peak bogs, store large volumes of carbon that can be released into the atmosphere if deforestation or forest degradation occurs. By offsetting through the Katingan Mentaya Project, Triple Point is not only eliminating its carbon footprint, but also supporting a project that safeguards an important biodiverse ecosystem, while providing myriad local community benefits. 

The offsets we purchased are credited against the Voluntary Carbon Standard (VCS), the foremost environmental carbon standard in the world, and a record is kept by Verra in their publicly accessible emissions registry. Verra’s standards provide independent assurance, transparency and credibility for projects working across areas of environmental and social impacts. 

While we appreciate that offsetting is not the perfect way to reduce our company's impact on the environment, it’s a start on which we plan to build.